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A rad little Wednesday post…

Ah! I can’t believe it’s only Wednesday… it seems to me that when there is something exciting coming up, the days leading to it just seem to draaaaaggggg… on…. Am I right?!:)

I am soooo giddy about this weekend that I’m going to start this post with all things RAD for this week! Here we go…

1. Friday we are taking Olivia to the zoo… I always love zoo days – and getting the year pass was the best purchase ever. It’s such an easy, fun way to hang out as a family and Liv can toddle her way around to each exhibit… super fun.:)

2. Friday night I get to go see WICKED! If you know me at all (and a lot of you do), I’m a total musical junky. Old, new, Broadway, movies, cheesy ones, and moving ones… doesn’t matter. So I couldn’t be more thrilled. To add to that, I’m also a New Girl fanatic (what girl doesn’t want to be Zooey D right now?). I just watched an episode last night where Winston is belting out “Gravity” and “Popular”… my husband looked at me with this “Wow, that’s a strangely familiar scene” face. Yep. I’m that girl. I know that soundtrack from the first beat to the last. And it drives him crazy… good thing he loves me so much.;)


3.  Aaaaaannnddd finally… I’m shooting a wedding in Manitou Springs on Sunday that I’m OH so thrilled about. One, because it’s my first official wedding of the season. Two (and MOSTLY), because the bride and groom are AH-mazing. It’s going to be an intimate elopement… AAAh, romantical right?! And from her description, her dress is going to make every bride-to-be smitten. So keep an eye out for that one!

You know what? I’m so excited for those three things that I’m going to skip the not-so-RAD parts of my week. They’re in the past – who cares. Boom.

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