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Anna + Travis Wedding {another opportunity to second shoot!}

I’ve said it before – I’ll say it again… and again… and again (hello? echo? echo?). Second shooting WILL make you a better photographer. Hands down. I LOVE the challenge of second shooting – despite the fact that submitting the raw, unedited images to the lead photographer brings me SO much anxiety (“Did I expose well enough? Did I get everything she needed me to get?!”). So, I’m uber thankful that Gretchen asked me to help her for a few hours for Anna & Travis’ wedding. It was a small, intimate wedding. And holy cow – check out Anna! Gorgeous, right?

Thanks, Gretchen, for letting me be a part of this day! I had a blast.:)

OH and as a side note – this wedding let me fully take advantage of my new camera’s yummmmmmy high ISO capabilities. :::swwwwooonnningggg::: Okay, geeking out moment done.

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