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Another RAD Wednesday!

Yay me! :::Pat on the back::: Consider this officially ROUND 2 of Rad/Not-So-Rad Wednesday! Heck… consider the fact that I’m doing a second post as being officially the first RAD thing of this post! But – whoa, whoa – let’s not get ahead of ourselves. I’m going to kick this post off with things from the week I’m not so much a fan of…that way we can end the post on a happy note! So…heeerrreeee we go!


• The fact that no matter how many times I’ve washed my super cute hot purple sports bra from Target (over 6 times folks….THIS WEEK ALONE), it still turns my skin, my shirt, and my towel hot pink during one 90 minute Bikram session. So, on top of being incredibly sweaty, I look like the 80s puked on my clothes and towel!
• The collection of ooey-gooey, sticky brown, booger-like residue all over my fingers after hours of glue stick use making my kid’s birthday invites. How come I don’t remember that happening in Kindergarten?! Is it possible I have gotten MESSIER with age?! (Answer: Extremely possible. Truth.)
• The knowledge that, as we speak, I have yet another mountain of laundry to fold and put away waiting in my room. It. Is. Never. Ending.
• So, yesterday my kid ate the dog’s food, cuddled up in the dog’s bed, threw my shoes in the trash (after trying to chew on them!), and spent an ENTIRE hour trying desperately to lick the dog’s face (She didn’t succeed in that… but she did, however, use Lucy’s nose as a chew toy…soooo….). Someone mentioned on Facebook: “Are you sure she’s not a puppy?!” I guess I’m not!!!! HA, at least she’s adorable.


• Second Post…. NUFF SAID.
• I get to do a portrait session with one of the prettiest girls I know and her friend tomorrow! Yay! AND I get to do a super cute baby shoot. :::Awwww::: It’s completely rad that I have the job I have and get to do these things. BLESSED.
• My little girl’s invites are finally done! Yay! (Check out the front of them above…excuse the bad phone pic!). I’m such a nerd… this party is the highlight of my month and I’ve been planning it for months! Such a fun way to stretch out my creative wings and have a blast!
• I’ve kicked the Tree pose IN THE FACE and I’m on my way to having Standing Head to Knee kiss my feet, too! Needless to say, I’m enjoying Bikram a lot! Sweaty, hot pink 80s pukey-ness and all.
Keep an eye out tomorrow, my lovelies, for the beautiful images of the beautiful girls I get to hang out with tomorrow!:)

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