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Ambler Family Portrait Session {Denver Botanic Gardens}

Oh my goodness, what a sweet, sweet family. I am not surprised, though… when Paige contacted me for this session, I knew they’d be awesome because of the super fun session I experienced with her beautiful, little family in November of last year.

Was shooting a family of 15 – 1/3 of which were ages four and under – a bit of a challenge? You bet… but a fun challenge!

I love how colorful they wanted this session – from their adorable choice in clothing to picking the Denver Botanic Gardens for their session. But what really made this session for me is that the images aren’t “perfect.” What I mean is… we only got a few where all of the children were facing the camera and smiling – but what we did capture a lot of? Their amazing personalities… their energy… and the wonderful love this family has for each other.

Thanks for allowing me to spend some time with you guys! Enjoy your preview, and I can’t wait for you to see the rest!

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Natalie + Cameron’s Garden Wedding {Denver Wedding Photography, Hudson Gardens}

Natalie and Cameron are not only a super adorable couple, but they are so very sweet too. Top that off with Natalie’s insane DIY talents, and this wedding is amazing! They got married at the Hudson Gardens, surrounded by an awesome clan of bridesmaids and groomsmen and SO many people that obviously adore them. The reception was at Overstreet Dance Gallery - and they seriously transformed the space into a colorful, fun, creative environment to party in.

Literally every part of this wedding was done by Natalie – from the awesome tassel banners to the painted bottles and animals to the handmade napkins… so much awesomeness was going on at once! I couldn’t get enough of the stunning details.

Natalie and Cameron were ridiculously cute together – I mean, just look at how they gaze at each other! That, my friends, is why I do what I do! And their families were way sweet… the father-daughter dance was fun and endearing, as you could clearly see how much Natalie’s father adored his little girl. And the mother-son dance… well… it made me cry ugly tears of adoration.

Guys, your wedding was so fun – I hope you are having a blast on your honeymoon and enjoy your sneak peek of your images!!:)

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Grand Lake Wedding {Colorado Second Shooter}

I had the pleasure of second shooting again for the awesome Megan Hardre Photography a few weeks ago. I’ve never been to Grand Lake before, but I know I want to go back! What a gorgeous place – and a gorgeous venue! Here are some of my favorites from this lovely wedding…

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John Wesley & Sarah: Engaged {Boulder Engagement Photography}

My husband Chris has the best family in the world, so when his cousin John Wesley got engaged I was so excited! And then I was even MORE excited when he asked if we could be their photographers. And THEN I was over the moon completely when I finally got to meet Sarah – because she is so laid back, sweet, and just the right amount of bratty to fit in perfect with our family!:)Plus, it doesn’t hurt that she is so stinking pretty!!

They flew in from Idaho just to take their engagement photos… and Colorado’s moody teenager weather tried to foil our plans with a huge thunderstorm, but we made it work. We met up on Pearl Street in Boulder and just hung out and stopped to snap some shots when I saw good light through the dark clouds and when it was super wet! I don’t think any amount of crappy weather could’ve dampened the way these two look at each other…. it was a total mush fest and I loved every second of it!

John Wesley & Sarah… I can’t wait for your wedding!!!! And Sarah – welcome to the family, girl! You’re awesome!! Enjoy your little preview of your session.

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Gloria Richard - Sarah is my best friend. She is so sweet, kind, loving and the perfect amount of sassiness. These pictures of her and John are fantastic and it really shows their personalities. Great job!

June Anderson - Beautiful pictures!!! Can’t wait for the wedding!