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Bryan, Whitney, & little Lyric {Las Vegas Family Portraits}

It’s always fun to book photo sessions when I travel. It’s even MORE fun when it’s with people I adore! I shot Bryan & Whitney’s engagement photos waaaaayyyy back in the day, so shooting a portrait session of their beautiful family was a huge blessing. Not only are they gorgeous people (inside AND out), but they made one adorable and sweet tiny human! We met up at Exploration Park, I tried to ignore the fact that I was melting in the Vegas heat (I’ve become such a Colorado girl), and I think the images we created are awesome!

Whitney, Bryan… it’s been so fun to watch your precious family grow! Enjoy your peek at your session – can’t wait for you to see the rest!


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Levi & Jayden: Brothers {Children’s Portrait Session in the Highlands}

I have been looking forward to meeting, hanging out, playing, shooting, and laughing with Levi & Jayden for a LONG time! They are two of the CUTEST boys you will ever meet…. SO full of energy and personality and laughs. We met up at Little Man Ice Cream in the Highlands… and these two kept me on my toes! Run, chase, giggle, shoot, repeat. After about 15 minutes, we chowed on some delicious ice cream, shot a few more photos, and then the skies opened up and dumped down the rain (which, I think, made for a few fun photos!).

Jayden is 3 years old… a great big brother to Levi, full of ideas and constantly in motion. He was SO stoked to hear the “FUNDER!” And, when I could get him to stand still for a few moments, ROCKS the camera out. I mean, this boy has got modeling skills for days!! Such a joy.

Levi is 2 years old and has captured my heart completely. He hammed it up for the camera with smiles that would melt the coldest of hearts and silly faces that are priceless. And when the band started playing, I found out that Levi can boogie down with the best of them!:)

Amanda and Josh, thanks for letting me hang out with your two angels… it was SUCH an honor and a blast and I can’t wait to hang out with you guys again soon! Enjoy your photos!

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Joetta - As one of the grammas to these guys I can officially pronounce your photos ‘heart-meltingly wonderful. You captured them, and they obviously had a great time.

Amanda Todd - Omg these are amazing! I cannot believe what a fantastic photographer you are! You were magic with getting these boys to work with you and it shows in the photos! Amazing!

Emery Rose is ONE!

One of the awesome things about what I do, is that I get to use my passion to capture fun events and life moments for my dearest friends and family. I adore Meagan, MJ, and their tiny human Emery so very much. It was SO fun to capture some moments from Emery’s first birthday party! Emery is one stylish, happy, and LOVED little girl…

  And Meagan and MJ are SUCH a beautiful couple. AND great friends because they let me steal them away for a few minutes to humor me as I was drooling over the amazing light that was going on. Seriously… how hot are they?!…


Thanks for indulging me, you two!! I LOVE these!:)Enjoy your photos… and come visit us in Colorado soon!

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Tara & Ben: Expecting {Littleton, Colorado Maternity Session}

Man, what can I say about this shoot? Combine Tara’s amazing style with her knowledge of photography (check out her stuff… she’s awesome!) and add in a husband who adores her (seriously… the looks he gives this girl have some serious swoon swag!) – and this is the result! A gorgeous maternity session that makes THIS photog unable to hold back the grins!

Tara… Ben… you know I think y’all are AMAZING. And you are going to be the coolest parents to a little guy who might possibly be destined to be the hippest baby in Colorado! Enjoy your photos – and thanks for letting me capture these rad moments!!!

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Lindsey Cayer - Wow! Tara you look beautiful in these!! But, you alway look beautiful. The silhouette is amazing!!!! So excited for you! :)

ashley - so beautiful!! captures them so well…and that last one, like whoa! love you guys and can’t wait for that nugget to get here!!!

Ben Polly - These are amazing! Thank you so much.

Air Force Academy Chapel Wedding {Second Shooting in Colorado Springs}

I had the honor a couple of weeks ago to second shoot for the lovely Megan Hardre of Megan Hardre Photography in Colorado Springs. Megan and I have known each other for years, so it’s so fun to be able to work with her from time to time! This was a sweet couple filled with love and respect for each other… and it was my very first AFA wedding! What a beautiful venue! And boy, those Air Force guys are SO very polite and charming. The AFA is producing some true gentlemen.:)

This was a fun shoot for me – so enjoy these images!  And thank you, Megan, for the opportunity to hang out with you and do some shooting!



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