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Harlow and her gorgeous family {Denver Family Portrait Session}

It has been such a blast (and a blessing!) to watch sweet little Harlow grow… She’s already a year and a half old! So, of course, I was excited about this shoot because I got to hang out with the little cutie. But what made it even more fun was when Harlow’s mom wanted to include her parents, her brother and his wife, and her cousin and her daughter in parts of this session! What a fun, sweet family. And – this is so cool for me as a wedding photographer – her mom and dad just celebrated their 45th wedding anniversary! How cool is that?! I loved listening to her father describe his gorgeous June bride… and they were such troopers while this mushy, romantic photographer asked them a million questions about marriage and family and love and life. Favorite bit of advice? “There’s no secret to marriage really. We’re just a team.” Ah, simple and perfect!:)

Thanks for sharing your day and your beautiful family with me (again!) Here’s a little peek of your session!


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Greer & Tanner are Married! {Downtown Denver Wedding Photography}

What a great way to kick off our wedding season! I’m always saying to Chris, “Wouldn’t it just ROCK if life were a musical?” And we kind of live that way in the apartment… I’m pretty sure the Monster knows more made up songs about how silly or pretty or stinky she is than she does regular songs! I think that’s one of the many reasons I was so very captured by Greer and Tanner as a couple.

These two adorable people are so very much in love, and their passions meet in the perfect way… from their faith to their love for music! Their wedding and reception – set at the GORGEOUS church, The Sanctuary – were such an honor to capture – filled with love and with song. They were both surrounded by family and friends that so obviously adored them. The ceremony was overflowing with meaningful traditions that weren’t put into the program just to fill space, but actually meant something very significant to them – the unity candle, the sand ceremony, a washing of the feet ceremony, and leading the congregation in the hymn, “How Great Thou Art.” Every moment was moving and beautiful.

AND if that’s not awesome enough… they ended the ceremony singing together like a true prince and princess at the end of an awesome movie! Except this isn’t the end for them, but rather a gorgeous and wonderful beginning!

Greer… Tanner… thanks so very much for including us in on your day! We were honored… hope you enjoy this little sneak peek – and that you are having a BLAST in Vail on your honeymoon!


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Bronson - Congrats guys!! What a cool venue – Wish we could have been there!

Lindsay & Patrick’s Birth Journey {Part 3: A newbie Paxton}

What a cool journey this has been… from shooting one of my favorite maternity sessions to date (Check it out here!), to the incredible experience of capture tiny Paxton’s entrance into this world (See that here!)… and finally finishing it all up with a little newborn sesh with Lindsay, Patrick, Lyndel & little one month old Paxton!

How beautiful is this family? I mean seriously. And Paxton is a little bundle of adorableness that had me talking in an annoying baby voice and taking breaks between shots simply to snuggle. Not to mention gorgeous little Lyndel – who loves her baby brother so much and is SO fun to take pictures of! I’ve said it before – but I’ll say it again (and probably again and again)… Lindsay, Patrick – thank you SO much for allowing me to be a part of your journey! I feel so honored and even more lucky because I feel like I can call you friends, and that’s just awesome.:)Enjoy this sneak peek!

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Elizabeth - Yay, cute little cloth diapers!

Kiara & Claire: Sisters {New Jersey Family Photography}

Kiara & Claire were SO very fun to capture. Their family has been extremely special to me and my family for a very long time so it was such a treat to hang out with these two crazy girls for a while at their home in New Jersey.

Claire – the youngest – is super spunky, loves to make funny faces, and has a “giggle box” that – according to her – means that once she starts laughing, she can never ever stop. Kiara is a great big sister, laughing alongside Claire and also creating a ton of fun moments with her own awesome sense of humor. She showed me what boys in One Direction were the cute ones, and which ones just weren’t cute at all (this is important knowledge people!).

We giggled. We broke a few house rules. We had ice cream. Really, you couldn’t ask for a better afternoon!

Kim & Chris… enjoy this peek at your crazy offspring! I love you guys and can’t wait to share the rest with you.:)

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Kim - What can I say? You captured our spunky offspring in the most amazing ways. Thank you!

Adorable Little Tessa {New Jersey Family Photography}

What do sunny days at the park, messy pasta faces, and a ridiculous amount of giggle have in common? They are all a small part of what makes little Tessa so stinking adorable.

I mean… look at this face. Tessa was such a delight to shoot – full of smiles, super active (as any 1 year old would be), and a total ham for the camera!

I shot John & Lindsey’s gorgeous wedding 3 years ago (my how time flies!) and, with my parents relocating to New Jersey, I got the opportunity to capture these fun images of their adorable little family.

John… Lindsey… you make awesome tiny humans! Thanks for letting me hang out with you. I hope you love these images as much as I do, and I can’t wait to share the rest with you!

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