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A Day in the Life…

***WARNING*** This is a HUGE post! Oh my goodness this was so fun to do. I have been considering offering Day in the Life Sessions (New name possibly coming soon…gotta get the brain to start storming up something) for a while, but I wasn’t sure. So I decided to “practice” on my tiny human. This […]

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Yet another Wednesday…

… and I remembered to post again! :::Patting myself on the back::: Seriously folks… for someone who enjoys talking so much (just ask my friends and family!), it is hard to post consistently on here! Especially since I’m still building my client base here in Denver, so my shoots are a bit further apart than […]

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My Olivia Rose: 9 Months

Isn’t she adorable? Not that I’m biased or anything. And this is a late post, since she’s going to be 10 months old in a couple of weeks! But I wanted to post a couple now, because I’ve spent some time reflecting on how I am as a Mom… Let me say – I’m probably […]

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My 7 Month Lil’ Stinker Butt

So I have a slight addiction. They say the first step to recovery is admitting you have a problem, but this is a problem I am so very happy to have. I am addicted…in love with…absolutely obsessed with the cuteness that is my kid. I mean, seriously…look at this kid. So, I’m posting her 7 […]

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