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When you’re blessed…

I’d be lying if I said the move to Denver was easy. We took a huge leap of faith coming out here, and there have been times where we questioned if it was the right move. But lately, life has been amazing. I mean…AMAZING. Chris is working at his dream job and the company is […]

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A rad little Wednesday post…

Ah! I can’t believe it’s only Wednesday… it seems to me that when there is something exciting coming up, the days leading to it just seem to draaaaaggggg… on…. Am I right?! I am soooo giddy about this weekend that I’m going to start this post with all things RAD for this week! Here we […]

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A Day in the Life…

***WARNING*** This is a HUGE post! Oh my goodness this was so fun to do. I have been considering offering Day in the Life Sessions (New name possibly coming soon…gotta get the brain to start storming up something) for a while, but I wasn’t sure. So I decided to “practice” on my tiny human. This […]

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Yet another Wednesday…

… and I remembered to post again! :::Patting myself on the back::: Seriously folks… for someone who enjoys talking so much (just ask my friends and family!), it is hard to post consistently on here! Especially since I’m still building my client base here in Denver, so my shoots are a bit further apart than […]

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It’s a Psuedo-Wednesday blog post!

Okay, okay. I totally thought today was Wednesday! Oops… So, let’s just cut to the chase! NOT-SO-RAD • Obviously, first and foremost…NOT so rad to miss an entire day! But, I suppose if I look for some silver lining in that – it’s closer to Friday than I thought! So…high fives for me! • Another […]

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