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Diana+Hugo: Married {The Importance of Second Shooting}

I had the absolute pleasure of being a second-shooter for the amazing Emily Elizabeth Photo again…I’ve said it once but I will say it again. The only way to become a better photographer is to shoot, shoot, and shoot some more. And on top of that, second shooting forces you to see and shoot in different ways than you would as a primary shooter. So, this opportunity was awesome for me!!

And what made it even better was how amazing Diana and Hugo were! What a beautiful couple – so sweet, and so very, very in love. This wedding was also special because it was my first all-spanish wedding…how incredible to listen to two beautiful people declare their love for each other in spanish. What touched me most was that, even though I didn’t understand most of what was said, I understood their love and emotions. I felt their love moving in my heart – and that speaks so much more than words!

So, Emily – as usual – thanks for the opportunity to shoot for you! You are an amazing photographer, incredible friend, and constant inspiration to me. I will do it ANY time you ask! And Diana & Hugo, thanks for allowing me to tag along on your amazing day!

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