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“I am Edgar”: Denver Senior Session

I met Darlene through the husband’s Aunt Robin… they worked together with the Autism Society. She was a huge part of sweet Janet Kay’s life, and is a great friend and support to Robin and the Zaborek family as they journey through their loss. So, when Darlene asked me if I could shoot her son’s senior photos, I was all about it. Edgar has autism – but that hasn’t stopped him from accomplishing so much! From the moment he walked up and introduced himself – “I am Edgar.” – to the quiet moments he had with himself by the river watching the ducks, this was a great experience for me! I had such a fun time during our quick mini session. Every time I asked him to smile, he’d flash his best grin. It’s in those sweet moments that I am super thankful for my job and that I can use my passions to capture images of all the beautiful people in the special needs community that others may overlook.

So, Darlene – thanks for letting me spend some time with you and your sweet guy! And a big thanks to Edgar for putting up with my constant chatter and invasion of his space – you were so patient and sweet! Thank you! Can’t wait to get all of the photos to you!

Robin Zaborek - I LOVE LOVE LOVE this! Edgar is truly amazing and his family loves him to no end. I am so grateful and impressed with your compassion and celebration of those with differences, Brit!!

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