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It’s a Psuedo-Wednesday blog post!

Okay, okay. I totally thought today was Wednesday! Oops… So, let’s just cut to the chase!


• Obviously, first and foremost…NOT so rad to miss an entire day! But, I suppose if I look for some silver lining in that – it’s closer to Friday than I thought! So…high fives for me!

• Another bummer thing from the week was an extremely humbling moment I had! This weekend, I lost a client’s check and had to make the oh-so-face-reddening call to them to let them know. 24 hours and a cancelled check later, I am very grateful for patient and understanding clients and I now offer other options for client payments besides check or cash! How professional of me!! I don’t know why it took me so long to do that – and it DEFINITELY bites that it took going through this experience to push me over that edge. Silver lining, right?! Did I mention my clients ROCK at being awesome? Just saying.

• To top all of that off, our Civic decided that, if we were going to drive it, we were going to have to jump it. Every. Single. Time. Ugh…. BUT the silver lining to this story? SEE BELOW!


• We got a new car!!!!! Oh my goodness, it feels like a miracle. Without giving you all the boring and icky details, my hubby and I have a unique situation surrounding our finances and credit (An unfortunate result of our amazing move to Denver, that has been a total blessing and answer to dreams!). So when we tried to get a car about a year and a half ago, the results were…well….laughable. We could get a semi-okay car for the monthly price of a friggin’ BMW! So we had to walk away. Well, lately life with a 2-door coupe and a 1-year-old has been a HUGE bummer. Then the above not-so-rad happenings began, and we knew it was time to try again. Long story still kinda long, we got a car! The dealership was AH-mazing and worked well with us. SUCH a blessing. I am so thankful.

• My favorite photographer, Chenin Boutwell, has a mommy blog and posted this awesome post about her friend, who has a child with down-syndrome. If you know me, you know that I have VERY special people in my heart that have DS and I just simply adored this post. Made my morning bright.

• AND I SUPER stoked because Olivia’s first birthday party is on Saturday. There is sure to be a super fun post of the day’s crazy shenanigans. Yay!!!

So that’s my Wednesday blog post – on a Thursday!!!

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