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It’s Wednesday!

Okay folks. I’m gonna be real honest with you right now. I hate Wednesdays. More so than Mondays, even! And – don’t get me wrong – I’m a “Glass Half Full” type of chick, but I just can’t be in love with Wednesday. SO to remedy that, I decided to start blogging my “week in review” every Wednesday, as something to look forward to!

First off, I don’t have a name for said blogs yet. Any thoughts on that would be great – apparently my brain’s creative department is on a short vacation. Stop by my Facebook and fill out the poll with any ideas! But, for now, it’s going to be RAD and NOT-SO-RAD. Cool? Cool. So, ready or not – here it goes!

- Going to the zoo last weekend! I’m SUCH a sucker for the zoo. I become a little kid. So I guess it’s awesome to have a kid to use as an excuse. And – wait for it y’all – we became ZOO MEMBERS. Baller status, yo. You know it’s true.
- So Delicious Coconut Milk Ice Cream. Nuff said.
- Attending Jasmine Star’s theFIX event. Check out my blog about it. Word.
- Taking my very first Bikram Yoga class. I am so very addicted. I feel powerful, strong, amazing. I can’t wait for my next one!
- And, to take a moment to brag on my tiny human, watching Olivia sign words! This week, the most popular thing for her to do is sign “Bed” and walk to her room saying “Beh, Beh, Beh”. Um, whoa. Watch out Einstein. The Livster is ready to take over the world!

- The massive pile of clean clothes I need to fold. Seriously, guys. Does ANYONE like folding and putting away clothes?
- My kid’s breath after eating bananas. It’s seriously toxic. And the kid loves bananas. I just didn’t know bananas were so similar to road kill.
- Me, post-Bikram class. Hot. Mess. When I work out hard – and when it’s 105 where I’m working out – my face turns neon pink. You think I’m kidding. I could see myself in the mirror… a glowing pink beacon among the 30 something super skinny yoga pros. And the sweat… OH the sweat. I got home an hour – AN HOUR – after class and could still wring out my clothes. Icky.
- AND, speaking of Bikram… watching the super awesome yoga chick in the front of class be all bendy and skinny… sucks! I mean, it’s kinda motivational. But she’s like – SUPER human! I don’t know if my body will ever bend in the ways she was bending.

So that’s it for this post! Until next time…BMp – OUT! (Yes… I know. I’m awesome.)


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