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Jasmine Star theFIX Event in Denver

I had the opportunity to participate in Jasmine Star’s theFIX here in Denver. When my good friend told me she was coming (Thanks Emily!), and for only $99, I was IN. I mean, this chick has got marketing and social networking DOWN folks. Solid. Pro. So I went, fully expecting to meet a few cool photogs and to learn a little thing or two about my business.

What I didn’t expect is to meet an entire network of amazing photographers – who are quickly becoming friends. During her presentation, Jasmine spoke about the importance of friendships within the business.

Influential artists thrive on each other.

Surround yourself with people you can help and who will help you.

But beyond that, I realized something about myself as a photographer. I’m pretty confident in who I am… if you’re a client or friend, you know I don’t hide my personality. But I realized I wasn’t communicating ME on this site or even really on my Facebook Page.

Am I allowing people to become invested in MY story?

I don’t want clients who want a “photographer.” I want clients who want ME.

So, folks. Here I am. Crazy, loud, emotional. Excited, passionate, motivated. If you’re ready for all of me, I’m ready for you! Let’s tell your love story, shall we?:)

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