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Kiara & Claire: Sisters {New Jersey Family Photography}

Kiara & Claire were SO very fun to capture. Their family has been extremely special to me and my family for a very long time so it was such a treat to hang out with these two crazy girls for a while at their home in New Jersey.

Claire – the youngest – is super spunky, loves to make funny faces, and has a “giggle box” that – according to her – means that once she starts laughing, she can never ever stop. Kiara is a great big sister, laughing alongside Claire and also creating a ton of fun moments with her own awesome sense of humor. She showed me what boys in One Direction were the cute ones, and which ones just weren’t cute at all (this is important knowledge people!).

We giggled. We broke a few house rules. We had ice cream. Really, you couldn’t ask for a better afternoon!

Kim & Chris… enjoy this peek at your crazy offspring! I love you guys and can’t wait to share the rest with you.:)

Kim - What can I say? You captured our spunky offspring in the most amazing ways. Thank you!

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