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Lindsay & Patrick’s Birth Journey {Part 2: Paxton’s Arrival}

Wednesday, March 27 at 3:58 PM I received a text:

“Just a heads up… I may be feeling contractions. I’m still timing them to be sure though.”

My heart started pounding as my fingers trembled, typing out my excited response:

“Ok! Keep me posted!”

So I waited.. so stoked that Lindsay might be having her second baby tonight and that I would be honored to capture those precious moments. A first for me in my photography life. A couple of hours later, Patrick called me. “Hi! Is it time for me to head over?”

Calmly, yet dripping with joy and anticipation, he responded, “I think so! See you soon!”

From the moment I entered their home, I was overcome with amazement at how calm and serene Lindsay and Patrick were. “Mmmm what’s that yummy smell?” I asked. With a little grin as she came down from another contraction, Lindsay responded, “I made a cake! Feel free to frost it if you have time!”

And that pretty much describes the next couple of hours. Calm. Natural. Happy. With bits of laughter and teasing in between contractions, which Lindsay quietly breathed through. Patrick was there for her every step of the way, but didn’t miss an opportunity to poke a little fun at some of Lindsay’s playlist choices.

Before I knew it, the midwife was asking Patrick if he was ready to catch his baby. Less then 10 minutes later, sweet Paxton finally arrived, exercising his tiny lungs as best he could.

After that, everything was kind of a blur (I’m sure even more so for Lindsay and Patrick), but that calm environment never changed. They had some quiet family time, before moving into the bathroom for an herbal bath. While that was being prepared, Patrick had some one-on-one skin to skin time with his son before handing him to Lindsay in the bath. It was so cool to see little Paxton instantly relax and calm down in the warm, familiar water. (Gosh, he’s a cute baby)

After a little time, Lindsay changed into some much deserved clean and comfortable clothes and Paxton had his first check up, including the cutting of his cord. Again – everything was just so natural and calm. Even Paxton’s cries were calm! (At least to me…haha).

Thank you, Lindsay and Patrick, for allowing me to intrude your home and capture these images. This was one of the biggest challenges as a photographer (little to no light, no idea what was going to happen next… exciting stuff!!!) but it has had a huge reward to me. I hope these images are a blessing to you – they certainly have been a blessing to me!


I spent a lot of time going over these images and carefully selecting ones that I felt told Lindsay & Patrick’s birth story, while respecting their privacy. They are – however – still birth photos. So, if anything about the birthing process makes you uncomfortable, I’d ask that you choose not to view these out of respect for my clients/friends. Thanks so much!

Also, make sure to give the video time to load… sometimes it can get a little glitchy.:)


Elizabeth - Beautiful job Brittany! You are a talented artist!

Kim - You are so gifted! What a special memory you were able to create for this sweet family. You captured such depth of the love and emotion behind this important day. What a blessing!

Leann - These images are absolutely beautiful; congratulations!

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