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Love Story Sessions

Hey everyone! I hope you’ve had a fantastic holiday season and new year! I know I did! I was SUPER blessed by being able to spend a ton of time with my gorgeous Sattel family in Las Vegas and then 3 weeks with my parents & sibs at their new home in New Jersey (which meant a few fabulous days in NYC… be still my artist’s heart).

SO, here’s the deal. I’m thinking about offering my mini sessions again during the month of February. I have a hankering (I’ve never actually written that word out. It looks weird, doesn’t it? Oh well, you get the idea) to tell some LOVE STORIES* and this was the first thought I had.

So if you whether you want photos with the love of your life or your lovely tiny humans or you just love who YOU are and want to celebrate that, let’s get together! 30 minutes, 30 photos, $150. Easy-peasy.

If you are interested, shoot me an email at or contact me through my facebook page at! Let’s tell your love story peoples!

* Please note that I audibly said LUUURRRVV stories when I typed that. Nerd alert!

brittanysattel - This time, yep. :) I’ll let you know the next time I’m in Las Vegas though. We can work something out perhaps. ;)

tiffany - this is for in CO only right?

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