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My Olivia Rose: 9 Months

Isn’t she adorable? Not that I’m biased or anything. And this is a late post, since she’s going to be 10 months old in a couple of weeks! But I wanted to post a couple now, because I’ve spent some time reflecting on how I am as a Mom…

Let me say – I’m probably not all that conventional as a mom… What I mean is, I love my daughter in a way that I can never ever describe but – yep BUT – being a mom is not always happy, shiny, oohs and coos! Any mom that acts like it is – well, she’s either way more awesome than most women or she’s full of baby poo! It’s very, very difficult! And even more difficult if you are self-employed. Right now I am trying to balance my multiple jobs – mommy & wife, photographer, and freelance writer/project manager… and sometimes, let’s be honest, it gets a bit overwhelming! I find myself singing to Livi and tickling her with my foot, while editing or writing on my computer, and never leaving that all-so-familiar dark place of sweatpants purgatory. But – and this is a BIG but – it is… worth. every. second.

It’s worth it because – well, for one thing check out her smile! And her spirit is SO happy, independent and fearless… something that exhausts me on a daily basis but I know will mean amazing things for her in the future. And she’s started hugging – oh em geeeeee…. I could hug her all day long.

So anywho – that’s my mini mommy rant.:)Now check out my awesome tiny human being her cutesy self!


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