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The Warren Family {A Love Story}

So, there’s no question how obsessed I am with my tiny human. In fact, the love a parent has for their child is pretty ridiculously amazing (and literally impossible to fully explain). But I think there is something a little extra special when a family chooses to bring a child into their home and love them forever.

I started working with the Red Thread Session organization last year, because adoption is so near and dear to my heart. Not only are my awesome (and incredibly bratty) siblings a part of my family because of adoption, but I was also blessed with knowing sweet Janet Kay because her parents chose her to love forever (and thus further inspired to be a part of the special needs community… learn more about that here).

This family is no different! The Warrens are warm, loving, and full of joy. From the moment they arrived at our location (which, might I mention, was SO rad – Davida says she loved the place so she just knocked on the front door! I need to do that more often!), they were smiling, giggling, making jokes, and ready for whatever I asked of them.

Davida, Jake and their boys – Jace & Jet – chose Jada. Davida and Jake had set out to adopt a child from Africa, but one day stumbled upon Jada (drawn to her beautiful name at first) – a sweet, 8-year-old Bulgarian girl who spent her entire life in an orphanage. On top of that, she had a special need in that she is blind. But, unlike a lot of the world that seems to write off children like Jada, the Warrens were drawn to her and did what it took to bring her home and welcome her into their amazing, joyful, loving family. (Please do yourself a favor and read the entire story here!)

Warrens – you were a true blessing to spend time with and I enjoyed capturing these images of your awesome family. They SING of your beautiful love story, and I am honored to share them!

Laura Lincoln - What a beautiful story and family! Brought tears to my eyes.

Amy Turner - Beautiful story & great shoot. Nice work Brittany

Michael Murphy - Awesome shoot! Really special shots…this family must be so proud of these.

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