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When you’re blessed…

I’d be lying if I said the move to Denver was easy. We took a huge leap of faith coming out here, and there have been times where we questioned if it was the right move. But lately, life has been amazing. I mean…AMAZING. Chris is working at his dream job and the company is doing some ridiculously cool things. Our kid is perfect for us – crazy, mischievous, fearless, opinionated, and completely sweet (most of the time). And my photography is finally starting to pick up!

To top it all off, I’ve met a group of girls who share my passion for capturing images with a camera. I can’t tell you how refreshing it is to go out with these girls and share experiences, laughs, and beers. There’s a connection there that you just don’t come across very often.

Katie is such a fun girl! She’s got a quick, sarcastic humor that kept us laughing the entire evening. Emily is one of my closest friends out here and she’s has such a sweet, generous heart. And Tara is the kind of free-spirited, kind girl that just draws anyone around her in. I love these girls and I’m SO glad they are in my life.

When you’re blessed, you know it. You embrace it. And you don’t ever take it for granted. Thanks for your friendship, ladies. I look forward to many more hang out times with you!!!

Check out their awesome photography… these girls have talent for days!

Katie Hellinger Photography

Emily Elizabeth Photo

Tara Polly Photography

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