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One thing, as a photographer, that is really awesome for me is to pair my passion for photography with other passions in my life. One of those happens to be the heart-changing, joy-filled experience of spending time with people with special needs.

It all began when I married my husband and joined a family with two extremely special, amazing people – Tommy & Janet Kay. Both were born with Down-Syndrome, and Janet Kay also had co-existing autism. Her AMAZING mother, inspired by sweet Special Kay, started the Down-Syndrome Autism Connection to provide support, encouragement, and resources to families who had loved ones experiencing the same thing.

Since the loss of sweet, sweet Janet almost 5 months ago, this organization has become even more near and dear to me. Robin, thanks for not only sharing your amazing heart and family with me but for allowing me to share life with even more amazing people! Love you guys and enjoy this tiny peek of a few of many snapshots from a fun, fun day!


And, while we are on the subject of where my heart is… another organization I’ve recently partnered with is Red Thread Sessions. Through this awesome organization, families who have recently adopted a child, or are going to, can find a local photographer (like me!) who has volunteered to give their time to take family portraits, homecomings, and/or births. My brother and sister, whom I adore with my entire heart, are a part of my life and my family because of adoption so this is something that runs true blue in my blood. I’m so excited to see what kind of awesome stories I’ll be able to capture! So stay tuned!


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