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Yet another Wednesday…

… and I remembered to post again! :::Patting myself on the back::: Seriously folks… for someone who enjoys talking so much (just ask my friends and family!), it is hard to post consistently on here! Especially since I’m still building my client base here in Denver, so my shoots are a bit further apart than I’d like them to be. So, before I get started I just want to say a HUGE thanks to my current clients for taking a leap of faith – so to speak – and booking with me! I know I don’t have a ton to show in Denver but everyone starts somewhere and you’ve made the move here SO much better! I feel great about 2012 – which means I’m going to feel Fan-freaking-tastic in 2013! High fives to you! So here we go with this week’s NOT-SO-RAD/RAD Wednesdays post!

• One thing I hate is when those around me are hurting… whether I’m close to them or not. My family has experienced quite a bit of loss and hurt in the last 5 years – the most recent being losing our very special angel, Janet Kay… the hurting and sadness in the hearts of my Zaborek family breaks my heart daily. I love you guys so much. And then today, I see that a friend suddenly lost her father to a car accident. I can’t even imagine…Too much hurting. So, I just want to say to everyone out there that is hurting – and specifically to those I know and love – nothing I say can take away your pain (as much as I wish I had a magic keyboard!) but know that you are LOVED beyond words and prayed for daily. And while there are going to be days that are harder than you think you can bear, the love, support, and prayers of those around you will give you the strength to make it to the next day – and maybe that’ll be a day where you can laugh and smile and just have a good day.

That’s pretty much all for the not-so-rad part of this week’s post… because really, how can I whine and complain about a tough Bikram class or my too-easy-to-chip nails when those around me are hurting? It just seems selfish. So on to some sunlight moments…

• Basically, I only have one rad thing too (well, there were several but this one makes me smile the most)… my daughter’s one-year-old birthday party was on Saturday and it was SO fun! I just have to say, my family in Colorado is amazing. I miss my parents and sister-in-law and family in Vegas SO very much, and the only thing that makes it easier is the fact that we have soooo many wonderful family members here in Denver. And they all showed up to show Olivia some birthday love! Now, I am quite aware that she probably won’t remember this birthday party… but something I do know: She felt SO loved on Saturday. I could see it all over her face. On that day, in those moments, she could tell that all these people showed up to her party – filled with crafts and food that her silly mommy spent SO much time on – just for her, to love her and hug her and smile with her and laugh with her. We are blessed, people. So blessed. So enjoy the photos! Note that she HATED the idea of her cake outside – we think it was the small crowd of people watching her… but she LOVED the cake once she was in the comforts of the highchair! Haha.:)

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